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Mark holds judges cards with The American Quarter Horse Association, The American Paint Horse Association & The National Snaffle Bit Association. 

Mark specializes in the development of young horses and the process of bringing them into the western pleasure show arena. He concentrates on equipping them with the knowledge it takes to have a successful show career, be it in the open, amateur or youth divisions. Many will go on to have solid show careers in western pleasure and all around events at a national level. We always have or know of nice selections of APHA & AQHA prospects & show horses available for purchase and would love the opportunity to offer you, guide you, or find you your first or next show partner.

Mark has had the privelige of managing the breeding efforts for the late Fleet Machine, a  5x APHA World Champion stallion. Fleet retired from the breeding shed at the age of 26. He has has produced multiple World & Reserve World Champions in Western Pleasure, Hunter Under Saddle, Trail, Horsemanship, Equitation & even Hunter Hack! He is the sire of the Breyer Horse model Fleetstreet Max who set the APHA World Record for World Championships won by a single paint horse.

Melissa runs Melissa Baus Design, a photography and graphics design company that specializes in equine photography and marketing. She is also the one in charge of the Baus Horses half draft and crossbred program. Scroll down to read more on that topic!     

The Baus kids have two ponies (and counting ) that are a staple in our lives.
Dusty and Turbo are seriously just the best and Turbo also the worst at times.
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In 2021 we were swept away by a horse called "Goose". I actually did photos of him for a client and Mark happened to be assisting me that day. We both walked around the corner of the barn and there stood this magnificent half percheron/quarter horse...he was GORGEOUS! We also have a theory that a horse will train how they photograph - Goose was a perfect angel, which just furthed our love for him. Long story short and a while later, we were able to get our hands on him and experience the half draft horse first hand. To say we fell in love with them is an understatement.  It wasn't long before we added two more (Drapp and Chuck) to our herd.  These are the original three that solidified our path and love for these animals! Pictured below is Goose and Mark winning the 2023 Fall Round Up - Trail Challenge Rifle at the horse sale in Heber City, Utah.

Below is Bryndle on Cody, Gunner on Chunky, Melissa on Chuck, Maisy on Goose and Mark on Drapp

The half drafts and crossbreds we offer are not easy to come by. We are on the lookout all year, at all times.  These horses have to possess qualities that we would want in a forever horse. They are required to have a great mind, excellent conformation, be healthy & sound, no vices, be cadenced & good moving, come from great people or programs and to top it off they have to have eye appeal. We want to offer the best of the best. We are very proud of the horses we've been able to offer! 

If you are in the market for a horse like this, keep your eye on our social media and our "For Sale" page. We will post previews of the horses we are working with. Many times we will place them in a premier horse sale. For sales like this you have to be invited or accepted and know well in advance that you are commiting to the sale for advertising purposes. It's also an honor to be accepted to these sales because they rely on trusted consignors to bring the caliber of horse being advertised. Many of these sales also require health and vet exams, which offer another benefit to the buyers. 

Depending on the situation, we may offer horses directly for sale on the site or for private treaty. If you are interested in one, contact us and we'll let you know if we have a plan or what we are thinking on that particular horse.  Follow our social media, we do advertise them in their daily life, training and riding. We aim to have a ton of footage of these horses so buyers can have a really good idea of the type of horse they are getting and if it is a good fit before they invest in traveling to see the horse or maybe they are strictly bidding online.                    

Rolex - a 2019 Gypsy/Quarter Horse - Sold at The North Star Invitational Horse Sale 2024 - $52,000

Drapp - Friesian/Appaloosa - Sold  at The Fall Round Up 2023 - $33,000

Goose - Percheron/Quarter Horse - Sold at The Fall Round Up 2023 - $31,000

Chuck - Percheron/Quarter Horse - Sold at The Fall Round Up 2023 - $22,000